Sunday, 8 January 2012


Time for another poem...a bit of classical mythology, I think...


Merope, daughter of Atlas,
daughter of Pleione, runs
in the sky with her sisters.
Youngest of seven, wooed by
Orion, ever she runs
from his eager advances.
Guided by Maia, the bull
is their guardian. Orion,
the hunter, laughs at the ploy,
and shoulders his bow. Merope
loved the mortal Sisyphus,
married, bore him children.
Sisyphus paid for boldness,
Merope was alone again.
Her sisters gathered around
and became the Pleiades,
twinkling, fairest of all, high
in the winter sky, a swarm
of fireflies, darting around
the head of Taurus, laughing.

It's a bit of a work in progress - comments gratefully received! Incidentally, Merope is the star at the bottom of the group, being well shielded by her sisters.


Anonymous said...

You are a much better poet than I ever could be. I am impressed. I am also impressed by your knowledge of mythology. Great to see you writing!

Puddock said...

Thanks Selma! I've never been called a poet before!