Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Xenopus Portolan

Another poem-y, story sort of thing...

Massive, ancient, fastened with a
metal clasp and vellum bound,
the Xenopus Portolan is the
record of a lost civilization.
Seafarers from the earliest times,
explorers of the five seas,
inch by treacherous inch they
traversed the blank map, filling
in the spaces systematically. Discovery
was their only motivation, and
they wrote it all down
in this mighty book - islands,
whirlpools, sea monsters to beware,
the depth of channels and
the hidden rocks; the new
people, animals, fruits and flowers
found. And on every page
the name, age and birthplace
of every sailor, cook and
cabin-boy lost in the endeavour.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Here be DRAGONS!!!!! [rummages around for wooden leg and stuffed parrot] Very nice poem-y thing Puddock.

Anonymous said...

What must it have been like for discovery to be their only motivation? How glorious. This is brilliant!

Puddock said...

Daddy P - it IS very pirate-y - you've just inspired me for the next set of verses!
Selma - the poem mainly comes from my imagination. A portolan is a medieval navigation manual but I made up the rest! Thanks again for the encouragement!