Friday, 4 February 2011

I'm a Tinkerer - What Are You?

This is fun - and that comment is thereby proof of my inquisitiveness and curiosity, thereby proving what a perceptive quiz it is. Boy, I love it when these quizzes make me feel good about myself!

Your Dominant Personality Trait is Inquisitiveness

You are an imaginative and curious person. You are excited to learn about the world.

You are interested in all sorts of topics. You like to understand history and how things work.

You are both a tinkerer and an intellectual. You probably enjoy working with your hands and more passive activities like reading.

You have many interests and hobbies... and you're always looking to take on a new one.


Anonymous said...

I'm inquisitive too!

Anonymous said...

My dominant personality trait is prudence. Who knew?? Haha.

'You are a responsible and together person. You like structures and schedules.
You don't mind having a long to-do list... in fact, you sort of like checking things off on it.

You are a planner, and you rarely act on impulse. You know what you'll be doing tomorrow.
You are dependable and polite. You do your best not to give anyone any trouble. '

Sad, but true.....