Wednesday, 29 September 2010

If Dogs Could Talk...

Pinched from Archie - a happy song about dogs. Made me smile, hope it does the same for you.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Slugs Are Beautiful

Thanks to PZ over at pharyngula for putting this up on his blog. Slugs get a terrible press. I was disappointed to see recently that even the BBC Wildlife magazine had an article on how to get rid of them, rather than treating them with the respect they claim for most other forms of wildlife.

Watch this and you'll never think of a slug in the same way again. It is a most beautiful and unexpected sight. It might also make you feel just a little inadequate in the bedroom...

It Can't Have Been That Long...?

Having just blogged a post, I see (but don't believe it) that I haven't blogged in the Pond for two months. I also see that the Pond had become of late a bit of an xkcd tribute page. Nothing wrong in that, of course, but maybe a sign that I have had my mind on other things. Those other things have been moving house again. Yes, twice in a year! I am now settled into a lovely new pond, back within walking distance of my old Highland place and with the firm intention of blogging with a bit greater frequency than bi-monthly.

Expletive Expression

It's Monday morning and I haven't had any caffeine yet. Time for a hit of xkcd:
I, for one, will be using "that is f***king jejune" as soon as possible...