Thursday, 13 May 2010

Hello Possums!

Here's a fun quiz for a grey (well it's grey here in Scotland anyway) Thursday morning. Are you an emu or a koala?

You Are a Koala Bear

You are living proof that appearances can be deceiving. You are not as cute and cuddly as you look.

You have endless compassion for those you love, but you also don't like to be messed with!

You may move a bit slowly, but you make up for your slowness by being clever.

You've lived long enough to know that you should do your best to stay out of harm's way.


Anonymous said...

I an emu which is cool with me because they are apparently very fast runners. It is always handy to be fleet of foot!

Anonymous said...

How bizarre. I've never heard of Sugar Gliders before...

You Are a Sugar Glider
You are both cute and active. You are very curious about the world around you.
People may find that you are a bit quirky and offbeat, but you are truly very intelligent.

You are very social, and you bring a playful element to every occasion.
You are easygoing and not at all aggressive. You only will act to defend yourself.