Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Truth and Beauty, Maths-style

In honour of my son, who has just graduated in maths, much to his mother's shock (if I've got a son old enough to have a degree then I must be really really old - aarrgh!) here is the perfect maths joke from the excellent xkcd:

I'm especially chuffed at actually getting this joke - unlike scientific proof, which can always be altered in the light of new facts, mathematical proof is absolute, immutable and eternal...gotta love it!

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Coffeecup said...

A huge congratulations! You must be enormously proud of your clever boy (despite him daring to make you feel old by obtaining a degree!).

For someone who struggles to figure the numbers on a shopping receipt I am quite in awe of a maths degree. I prefer those truths that can be adapted to suit as it's easier to hide my ignorance in those. I liked the cartoon lots.

Well done Puddock's son!!