Thursday, 23 July 2009

He's Not My Brother...

Pinched from the fantastically talented toomanytribbles, here is Richard Dawkins doing what he does best - explaining science to us in a clear and understandable way:


Lianne said...

I love the idea that chimps are my cousins. Explains alot actually (lol). Thanks for sharing.

G Eagle Esq said...

The Lady Puddock

My Lady

If true, it may explain how Chimpanzees may have come to exist in the Past


It isn't only the Amphibians who worry about the Future, because menaced by the ever-increasing intrusions of these Home pseudo Sapiens Creatures

This Young Man does not explain how Chimpanzees can continue to survive into the Future, living on a Continent menaced by the Great Meerkat Conspiracy (revealed by Raincoaster on 25 July)

I remain your Ladyship's obedient & anxious servant etc