Friday, 17 July 2009

Don't Call Me Stupid...Unless I Am, Of Course

Pinched from the radiant Dorid over at the Radula, this is hilarious and at the same time rather disturbing. Geography's not my strongest suit - I'm not sure I could exactly pinpoint Iran on a map but I sure as hell wouldn't be getting it mixed up with Australia!

My favourite line from this vid has to be, from the guy trying to distinguish between the Israelis and the Palestinians - "Which ones are throwing the rocks?" Gotta love it.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I think they just forfeited their rights as world leaders - - -

G Eagle Esq said...

mmm - wOw

embarrasssed schufffling from left talon ... and hoppping back to the right talon

BUT perhaps we rooineks should decently be reticent about gloating

... after all, the Brits voted for Zanu Labour THREE times

.... and Our Dear Leader seems to seriously be hoping that we'll vote for him 4th time in 2010