Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Too Old, Too Thick or Too Boring?

Well, that little dream was nice while it lasted. After weeks of excitement and nervousness, waiting for the universities to decide if they wanted me as a student, the oracles have spoken and it is not good news - 4 rejections out of 5.

You can make 5 applications through UCAS, so I applied to three Scottish universities, two different courses at two of them, plus the third one. This last one has offered me a place but I don't think I'll take it. It was my third choice and I've had a couple of months to think about the reality of attending each Uni every day for four years. To get to this particular place, I'd have had to live in the city or have a pretty long commute - not what I'm looking for. And I really wanted to go either of the other two.

I am gutted. I knew that the courses are always heavily oversubscribed and that there were no guarantees. Nevertheless, it is dispiriting to know that my degree, my school grades, my Open University points and my passion for philosophy were not enough for them, especially as I am studying a distance learning module in that very subject with one of the rejectors at this very moment (not any more, I'm not - I've just withdrawn.)

So it's back to the drawing board. You'll forgive me if I go into a corner with my dog and a tub of ice cream for a while...


Coffeecup said...

Hi Puddock, Last year I put my name down for an advertised course at night school, only to find it wasn't running. It's very disappointing when you've psyched yourself up to be so let down. All I can say that they're extremely short sighted to refuse your application. As you say, it was oversubscribed, a small consolation. Can you apply again next year? Or continue with the OU? I don't know what the full situation is there but I do understand that people who have gone through one of these 'access to education' courses are often favoured. Would something like that be a consideration to get you where you want to be? Maybe it's all different in Scotland. Pfft!

Hugs and empathies ....x

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that. I can understand how disappointed you must be. What a shame - you would have been such a good student. I'm sure something else will turn up, however. Don't give up!!

diver said...

Wow, commiserations Puddock, that must hurt. You seemed so 'right' for the philosophy course, like as though you were ready and due for it.

Ach I can't think of anything helpful to say. I'm just sad for you now :(

BTW I thought your last post about your dog was very lovely.

Reasonable Robinson said...

Hi Daisy,

Sorry to hear your news. I was going to get 'philosophical' (sic) and then thought sod it...'it's their loss'.

The trouble with academics is that often they are too academic and often can't see potential talent when its in front of them. Rushed academics will fill courses based on past grades taking that as some indication of potential. I would suggest that grades might be useful for selecting 'kids' but I believe this is unwise when considering 'mature' students of course.

The hot thing in H.E. is Distance Learning (cheaper and you can wear your slippers) but it is a bit solitary. I tutor 4 masters DL students at the mo' and they find it tough sometimes.

One thing you might consider (wink) is to find out the name of the course leader and ask if you can pop to see them for a cuppa and a chat. Playing the age /experience card and saying you just want get a feel for what rocks their boat.

Face to face does a couple of things as I guess you know. It creates familiarity and allows you to express yourself more easily than on paper. Meeting for cuppa also means that you get information about them without putting the course leader in the position of having to make a decision. In the Social Influence lit. there is a direct correlation between 'liking' a person and 'buying' them :)

Was it a Masters application? Sometimes the way you position your area of interest can influence these people. I'd be delighted to offer a view if that would help?

illegitimis non carborundum!!

G Eagle Esq said...

Bonjour, Mdm Puddocke

Courage, ma Brave, courage

You should not take Too Much to Heart the random decisions of these Intellectual Pygmies

All this shews is that your Chosen Courses were over-subscribed

These doors may have closed, but do look for other opportunities

As the Oldest Fragment of Greek Philosophy** so obscurely observed :

"To every inJustice, there is Justice"

Now you can work out why it was the Romans (and not the Geeks) who conquered the World

Yr obedient servant etc


** According to the Odious but erudite Bertrand Russell

Puddock said...

Thanks everyone for cheering me up.

Steph - I did some courses with the OU but really fancied trying a bricks and mortar Uni so that I could meet people. Funnily enough, now that I have got over the disappointment of being totally and completely rejected by 'real' Unis, I think I will go back to the OU. I enjoy learning. I'll just have to get a social life in other ways!

Selma - I think I would have been a good student too!. It's their loss, I have decided.

Diver - it did hurt (sniff) but I am bouncing back. At least I am saved from those 9am lectures!

RR - thanks for your professional insight. My mistake, if you could call it that, was to apply to traditional Unis. I think I would have got more offers if I had gone for the more modern Unis, but I knew which ones I wanted to go to - they just didn't want me.

Herr Eagle - welcome to my blog! Intellectual pygmies - I like that! The courses WERE heavily oversubscribed - lots of disappointed shiny-faced youngsters as well as wrinkly old me.