Thursday, 15 January 2009

A Philosophical Life (Student Version)

I have been pretty quiet the last few weeks, so apologies for that, my blogging buddies. What with all the domestic disasters (central heating, power, car accident, burst pipes) and feeling grotty too, my mind has been taken up just getting through the day in one piece.

However, through all the gloom (stirring music beginning to play in the background) I have been trying to make plans for the future. And thus I find myself a student-in-waiting!

I knew that I had to do something new with my life. Wafting around the house like Miss Havisham was not an option. I tried it but the cobwebs got up my nose. I thought about opening a bookshop (a long-held dream) but decided that the financial risk was too great. Then one day I was sitting in Costa reading The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus and I thought, "How I would love to do this every day". And the brain began to work and I thought "Why not?" and so, on Monday, I finally got my application sent off to UCAS.

I've applied to study philosophy and/or maths at various Scottish universities and I am very excited at the prospect. I have no idea whether I will be an attractive proposition or not. If I don't get in then I will have to find something else to do. But the main thing is that I have tried. I've reached the age where regrets are beginning to outnumber hopes for the future. I am glad that this at least will no longer be in the regret pile. And I'll get to be the girl in the cartoon above - bliss!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I really hope you get in. How exciting. You would be a brilliant student. I'll keep everything crossed for you!!

Anonymous said...


I can really relate to what you are saying. Only a few weeks ago I have started thinking about doing something I really want to do instead of chasing work, as I have all my life, that I think I might be suited to. For my situation it has to be OU but even that would be great. I want to finally do something that I am interested in and would enjoy studying.

Also one day I would like to run a bookshop to. I don't know exactly why but I have always wanted to. Something really dark, broody and filled with dusty books.

All the best and I hope you get an accptance from somewhere.


Reasonable Robinson said...

Awesome Daisy! I'm absolutely certain you'll love it. Miss Havisham eh? one of the sacriest women on the planet LOL.

If you ever need a sounding board on the academic stuff I'd be delighted to help anytime. As I live with a woman who thinks that worm holes are in your mind ordinary philosophy would make a refreshing change :)

Good luck with it all

Withy Brook said...

Thank you for commenting on the pictures on my blog. It is nice to know that people look at them! Purple Coo is a great place!
Good luck with your Uni applications. If by some mischance you do not get taken on, what about the Open University? Or do you need the company as much as the course?

Puddock said...

Thanks guys, for your good wishes and confidence in me - makes up for my own lack!

I have done some courses with the OU and I would highly recommend them. The only thing is that you are pretty isolated. I went to the tutorials for one course that I did and I was the only student who turned up, so there wasn't much interaction - lots of one-to-one with the tutor though!

And in my situation, the last thing I want to be is more isolated. That's one fo the reasons I am going to a bricks and mortar Uni. I cannot wait to be amongst people again.

RR - does your lady think that worm holes are all in the mind or that literally we have them in our heads? I certainly feel as if I have a black hole in mine sometimes...

Anonymous said...

Yay! This sounds like a wonderful plan. Well, as long as it doesn't cut into your scrabble time...

Puddock said...

There's always time for a game of scrabble!

Anonymous said...

Well, you've written this awhile ago, and I'm hoping that your lack of recent activity is because you're up to your eyeballs in books!! I wish you the very best life has to offer!! Good Luck!