Monday, 26 January 2009

Atheist Slogans

Found via the talented toomany tribbles, here are the latest tools in the Atheist Bus Campaign.

The campaign was begun by Ariane Sherine as a response to a bus advert she saw with the slogan “When the Son of Man comes, will He find Faith on this Earth?”. Although the slogan was in itself harmless enough, when she visited the website referenced in the ad, she found the somewhat more disturbing announcement that, as a non-believer she was "condemned to everlasting separation from God and then spend all eternity in torment in hell” and decided to do something about it.

A piece she wrote for the Guardian website quickly attracted moral and financial support and this month buses in London are trundling around the city with the energising slogan " There's probably no god. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life".

So much money was raised that an Underground card campaign has also been funded. There are four cards, with quotes from Albert Einstein, Emily Dickinson and Katharine Hepburn, as well as the classic Douglas Adams observation above.

I have mixed feelings about such an in-your-face atheist campaign (I'm far too polite) but I love these cards. I'd love to see them as bumper stickers - I'd buy one.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Which Country Matches Your Sexuality?

Pinched from that scalliwag Archie, this racy quiz.

Your Sexuality is French

The average French person first has sex at age 17.

And the average number of partners is 8.

53% of French people are happy with their sex lives.

And 50% of France feels confident asserting themselves in bed.

I was pleased but surprised to match up with France as it more than flatters my (lack of) sex life, which has been much more that of a Womble than a breathy chanteuse.

How's about you lot?

Thursday, 15 January 2009

A Philosophical Life (Student Version)

I have been pretty quiet the last few weeks, so apologies for that, my blogging buddies. What with all the domestic disasters (central heating, power, car accident, burst pipes) and feeling grotty too, my mind has been taken up just getting through the day in one piece.

However, through all the gloom (stirring music beginning to play in the background) I have been trying to make plans for the future. And thus I find myself a student-in-waiting!

I knew that I had to do something new with my life. Wafting around the house like Miss Havisham was not an option. I tried it but the cobwebs got up my nose. I thought about opening a bookshop (a long-held dream) but decided that the financial risk was too great. Then one day I was sitting in Costa reading The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus and I thought, "How I would love to do this every day". And the brain began to work and I thought "Why not?" and so, on Monday, I finally got my application sent off to UCAS.

I've applied to study philosophy and/or maths at various Scottish universities and I am very excited at the prospect. I have no idea whether I will be an attractive proposition or not. If I don't get in then I will have to find something else to do. But the main thing is that I have tried. I've reached the age where regrets are beginning to outnumber hopes for the future. I am glad that this at least will no longer be in the regret pile. And I'll get to be the girl in the cartoon above - bliss!