Friday, 28 November 2008

Hugs Please!

Hi everyone

I am shamelessly using this post to get sympathy. I was in a reasonably minor car accident yesterday and now that the shock has worn off I'm feeling miserable (and sore).

I live up a hill on a single track road and it was as I was heading up the hill yesterday that I met someone coming down rather fast. There's not a lot you can do in those circumstances except try to minimise the impact by moving to the side. No-one was injured beyond a few bruises but the cars were a hell of a mess - it was a big bang!

Luckily a friend and neighbour was passing and she stuck to me for the rest of the day while I sorted, or at least tried, everything out. Thank goodness for good friends.

The guys who were in the other car seem so far to be reasonable and we have agreed that it was a no-fault accident. Let's just hope that good spirit continues, although you can never tell what people will do once they've gone home and had a think.

The accident was bad but dealing with the insurance company was worse. Four hours later I was no closer to getting the car shifted, never mind a replacement car, which is part of the deal. I seemed to have been shifted from one call-centre to another, all of them talking complete gobbledegook, for hours on end.

Eventually I had the brainwave of calling the RAC to see if they could do anything. (In the meantime I had had the cops on the phone because a neighbour had complained that my car was obstructing the road - very neighbourly, very supportive). The RAC were wonderful. Their cover included dealing with accidents as well as breakdowns, so they sent a guy out and in less than an hour they were there taking charge. They took my little car away to the car doctors, patted me on the head, and sent me home. I can't speak highly enough of them.

My friend insisted that I went and had tea with her, so I forgot about it all for a while, apart from cursing selfish and stupid neighbours periodically. When I was finally back at home I decided to have one last go at the insurance company to try to understand what was going on - they still hadn't even arranged for the tow, never mind anything else. I was very lucky and spoke to a guy who actually spoke in English instead of robot-speak and he explained exactly what was happening, and told me in very simple terms what I should do the next day.

So at last I can relax. There is a car on the way, my garage is estimating repairs which the insurers are likely to accept...I think that's it. Of course I still have to find out which neighbour called the cops so I can put a hex on their house but apart from that I have done all I need to do. I ache all over and my wrist is sore but I know I am very lucky not to have been more seriously injured. I want to get back out on the road as soon as possible to test my confidence but this stupid accident has dented it a bit I fear. So all hugs gratefully received :)


Kate said...


I hate dealing with auto insurance claim reps. It's been about 20 years since I've had to (knock on wood) but it really didn't make me happy.

Glad to hear you weren't seriously injured... take care of that wrist, though!

PG said...

What a bugger of a day! Neighbours; you either like them or loathe them - anyway, glad to hear you are more or less ok, take it easy, these things usually come with delayed shock.


Consider yourself hugged.

Reasonable Robinson said...

Here's a hug Daisy! I hope you are alright. The guys in the other car were 'reasonable' too spooky I'd say LOL

JennyB said...

Take it easy my friend... these knocks... physical and emotional can leave you feeling very vulnerable and miserable for days. The good news is that you are ok and the car is being sorted. As for the neighbours... it's good to know who your enemies are, so try and find out!

I've had to call my insurance company twice in the last five years and on both occasions they've been superb... I'm with Prudential who are now under the umbrella of Churchill... if it helps! I automatically get Green Flag cover who have always turned up like knights on white chargers. Good to know the RAC are also good.

Don't worry about the guys in the other car... it was a 'knock-for-knock' situation and anyway, your insurance company should be sorting it all out... not you! That's what you pay them for. In fact, you have suffered physically and can, if so inclined, seek compensation from the other guys' insurance should they get arsey!

I'm mentally sending great big hugs down the electronic highways and await news.

Take good care of yourself in the meantime.


Puddock said...

Oh I feel much better for all those hugs - thanks!

I know I've been really lucky so I mustn't grumble too much. It could have been much much worse. Mind you, I ache all over now and I expect that'll get worse before it gets better.

Kate, I hadn't had any kind of car accident for twenty years either (and that was an old guy who ran into the back of my car on a roundabout) so I am really pissed off to have had this happen.

Jenny and Gretel - I saw the good and the bad in my neighbours yesterday. I suppose that just like everywhere there are kind ones and self-centred ones. I almost feel sorry for the kind of person who sees a car crash just as an imposition on their bit of road and expects someone, anyone else to sort it.

I don't know if my insurance company were rubbish or if I was just being thick but it was unbelievably complicated - I THINK it's sorted now. I've got a temporary car now, which is great, so my life can return to something like normal now and it should just be a case of letting the insurance companies get on with it.

RR - spooky indeed. I can only hope that the guys turn out to be as reasonable as you!

Anonymous said...


Agree with Jenny that something like this can come back and bite you later, so just be gentle with yourself for awhile.

Glad to hear you're okay and that life is getting back to normalish.

Puddock said...

I did suffer a reaction as I drove the same bit of road yesterday. It's only half a mile or so from the house - a single track road that I use every day so I'd better get my confidence back driving it, but yesterday I crawled along, no longer confident that I would be able to avoid a car hurtling round the corner towards me - so I had a bit of a cry and now I feel much better.

I know some of you guys have much bigger things to be brave about so I really appreciate all those hugs. Thank you!

Now all I've got to do is write up the accident report and hope everything goes through smoothly, while always remembering not to get stressed if it doesn't - don't get stressed, don't get stressed...

Anonymous said...

I am so terribly sorry to hear about this. Thank goodness you weren't seriously hurt. Dealing with insurance companies really is the pits. Each time I do I can't get over the amount of paperwork. The most important thing, though, is that you are alright. Take care of yourself. XXX

Robert said...

Even minor accidents share the s**t out of me for a while! Soooooo glad that you're ok - it doesn't really matter about the car.

I take it that you'll be looking for a new insurance company? That lot didn't seem very helpful (serious understatement there!). As for your neighbour - words cannot express what I feel about them!