Sunday, 26 October 2008

What the Election Should Really be About

I haven't said much about the US election - I'm a Brit so I really feel it isn't my place to pontificate on a subject I know little about. Suffice it to say that if I was an American, I'd be voting for the candidate who believed in evolution, the value of scientific research, gay rights and, above all, who genuinely wanted to make the life of individuals better.

So I want to draw attention to this open letter to Senator Obama written by my friend Kate over at The Radula. In it, she describes her circumstances, how longstanding illness has interfered with her capacity to earn a living and how she hopes, with health care and education support from the state, to get back into work so that she can provide for her family and make a contribution to society. Without that support, she cannot hope to do so.

She offers Senator Obama her support and urges him to hold good to his promises on health care and welfare if he becomes President. It's a great letter - honest and without a trace of self-pity, despite the tough times she has had. I hope both candidates get to read her letter. Politicans should be reminded more often that they are there to represent us, to make our lives better - if they don't, what good are they?


Reasonable Robinson said...

here here! politicians should hear hear

Anonymous said...

That was an excellent letter. So many things need to change in the US and I hope Obama (who I'm sure will be the next President) addresses them. It's definitely time for a change.