Sunday, 17 August 2008

The Real Olympic Spirit

I came across this fab video on Youtube. In the midst of the sound of world records being annihilated thanks to high-tec swimsuits, at an Olympic Games (sadly) free of any gaffes, as far as I can tell (the Chinese games will really be something for London to live up to), relive with me a moment of the TRUE Olympic spirit, from the Sydney Games:

This is what the Olympics should be all about. Bring back the keen amateur, I say!


Anonymous said...

I remember this very well. The commentators are two very funny Sydneysiders -Roy and H.G. Hilarious blokes. I agree - this is the real Olympic spirit. Thanks for posting this - it was great to remember!

Lisa Allender said...

This was so funny, and touching! I had never seen it beofre now! Thanks!