Monday, 18 August 2008

Laptop Love

Oh, this is so close to home it's embarrassing. Found through the lovely Selma over at Selma in the City, here is Meleah Rebeccah's video dedicated to the new love of her life - oh how familiar it all looks!


meleah rebeccah said...

Oh! Thank you sooo much!

This was so nice of you!


PS: Ive added you to the list of thank you's!

Anonymous said...

It is so familiar, isn't it? This is one of my favourite videos ever!

JennyB said...

Uncomfortably familiar... but steady, reliable and can be switched off at will!

G Eagle Esq said...

Mdm Puddock

Yes - very clever

J'adore mine Freond Monsieur L'Apfel ... that is until it tells me in A Sign-Language to get lost (err in the Amerikan dialect - "Freezes"]

... and threatening it with a Sledge-Hammer seemeth not to make any impression on a recalcitrant Machine

Yr obedt servant etc


PS We missed you last week on the kindly AerChie's BBC New Quiz !!!!!

but as Scarlet would have observed at the end of the Film, if she had had an Apple

"This Week is another day"