Thursday, 12 June 2008

Life Photo Meme - Home

Home is the theme this week so I thought this pair of photos fitted the bill rather well. The first shows that most domestic of settings - washing (namely a very tasteful sock) hanging on the line

But look closer at the clothes peg...


I loved the way that my faded, weathered clothes peg provided the perfect camouflage for this beautiful moth. I don't know what kind of moth it is, but its common name is now The Sun-bleached Clothes Peg Moth!


Dorid said...

LOL I had to look twice at the first photo. I didn't see that moth there.

but in all fairness, my glasses are off and I'm squinting at the screen.

Anonymous said...

A great find. Clothes pegs are also wonderful homes for cute ickle spideys. In the middle of the spring :)

Eric Heupel said...

Ain't camouflage cool!!
I love the diversity of moths especially.. this one and all the one from Zooilogix's recent post... amazing!

Selma said...

The colours match perfectly. How do the moths know that the colour of the peg matches them so well? I have always found such things astounding!

JennyB said...

Moths are obviously more intelligent and artistic than we thought! Although thinking about moths killing themselves on hot lamp bulbs dismisses that theory!

A great photograph... more please.