Monday, 12 May 2008

Doctor Who - Be the Director

Is this the coolest thing on the planet? The BBC has given us the chance to make our own Doctor Who trailer - I know, it's so exciting. I wish I was ten so I could actually tell people I was doing it. People in my real world think I'm weird enough as it is without telling them I play at making Doctor Who trailers when I should be washing the dishes.

Anyway, here's the link Trailer Maker - go ahead and try it. I was so desperate to share my news, especially with my Whovian blogging friends (and you know who you are!) that I haven't actually made mine yet. I'll save it as a special treat for once I've done some proper grown-up work.

Happy Monday everyone!


Well, I ignored the tottering pile of dishes in the kitchen and did the much more creative thing of having a bash at the trailer. Here's my first go - I'm sure you can do better...

My Trailer


Selma said...

I'm going to do it too. How exciting. Thanks for the link.

Reasonable Robinson said...

Anyone who is Beck and Cowan's Yellow vMeme and above will understand, and try it out. The Doctor is way beyond Coral else could have done what he did in Pompeii!!

Puddock said...

Does that mean I'm yellow?

I think, if I had to choose, that I'd be, obviously, turquoise, with a thread of green running through it and the occasional splash of purple for fun.

Surely the doctor would be everything - a rainbow or white?

This spiral dynamics thing is going to keep me busy all weekend rr - thanks :)