Friday, 30 May 2008

The Building of Stonehenge

I find that I haven't posted here for a fortnight - most embarrassing, and I can't think why, except that the weather has been unusually good here in the wild and wacky north, and so I have been a-busy digging and planting and mowing and pruning.

Okay - excuses over...I picked up this interesting piece on the BBC website. Permission was granted recently for a limited archaeological dig on the ancient site of Stonehenge and new information is beginning to emerge about the building and history of the place:
The Building of Stonehenge Check out the video - it's very evocative.

The work was done in April and is to be shown in the Autumn on the BBC Timewatch programme. There is loads of information on theTimewatch page. I can't wait.

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Selma said...

I hope they play it in Australia. That will be fascinating. Must look out for it.