Sunday, 4 May 2008

Blog No. 3

I began another blog a couple of weeks ago and I reckon it's ready now for visitors so I thought I'd have a little ad for it here.

Called Rosehip or Prune?, it is a place to share experiences about being middle-aged and unwillingly sinlge, whether through death or divorce.

Widowed at 47, it's now getting on for three years since the Golfer died and I am still not as 'back to normal' as I would have liked to be. This, no doubt, is a reflection as much of my preconceptions of what widowhood was (grieve like mad for six months, begin to get better for the next six, then get back out there and get on with your life) as of any deficiencies in me, but still, widowhood is not at all what I thought is was going to be, and I thought it might be useful to tell other people what it's like and, especially, to hear from other people in the same boat.

I believe that divorce can be as traumatic and certainly as life-changing as bereavement so I'd love to hear from the divorced and crinkly too.

So come on over and visit at Rosehip or Prune? - look forward to seeing you!


JennyB said...

I look forward to contributing my two-penneth to Rosehip or Prune. Like you, I never thought widowhood would be like this. I am also divorced and remember the acrimony and feuding well.

Selma said...

What a valuable blog. I wish you the best of luck with it.

Puddock said...

Thanks girls. I hope that the blog will be a positive one, with lots of contributions from other people.

Tanja said...

Hello from a Dutch widow living in Phoenix, Arizona.

I've been a widow for three and half years now, and like you, I'm still not back on track, back being the old Tanja.
I live, and I live well, but it's hard to do it without my best friend in live.

Wishing you peace,