Saturday, 19 April 2008

Watching Logie

There is a gem of a series on BBC Radio 4 at the moment - World on the Move. In it, they track, using satellite technology, the annual migration of various animals, including an African elephant, salmon, leatherback turtles, eels and birds, including Logie the osprey. I'm particularly interested in her, as she is flying back to her nest near Forres, not that many miles from me.

And, most excitingly, you can actually track her progress online as she heads for her summer home. Her mate is already there waiting for her - he arrived on the 10th April. The latest news is that she is in the Lake District, so she only has a few hundred miles to go, out of a journey of over 3000 miles. She spent the winter on an island off the West coast of Africa and set off for Scotland on 12th March. You can track her progress at The Highland Foundation for Wildlife website.

It's fascinating, and a bit humbling (one of those times when humanity is put firmly in its place as just another species amongst many talented species) to see the scale of the journey, to see the planning and forethought, and presumably also the memory, that she must be capable of. She seems to stick close to the coast whenever she can, not surprisingly as she lives on fish, and I loved her bit of island hopping as she headed up the west coast of France.

I wish I'd known about this series earlier, and I'll definitely be following her progress, and that of the other animals on the site, in the autumn.

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