Friday, 4 April 2008

Global Warming Takes a Holiday - maybe

Just picked up this interesting story over on BBC News - apparently, global temperatures are expected to dip this year, due to the continuing effects of La Nina.

Some scientists are now suggesting that either global warming has peaked, or that the Earth is better than we thought at regulating itself.

I haven't a clue, personally. I used to think global warming was probably real but whenever I see a bandwagon, I leap off, so once it became practically a crime to suggest that it might not be happening, I found myself tending towards that view, for the sake of free speech as much as anything.

But one thing's for sure - it looks as though we might be having another grotty summer here in the UK - dammit!


reasonable robinson said...

I always get anxious about global warming from early morning until about two pm. then i calm down about tea time when it starts getting darker. Haven't the scientists noticed this self -regulating this pattern or am I missing the point?

JennyB said...

I never get anxious about global warming... this planet has coped with all sorts over the millennia - always self-regulating, and I too don't like being on a bandwagon and I get some pleasure from the shock-horror look on the faces of those who find my opinions sacrilegious. Gook to know I'm not alone.

Selma said...

It's interesting about the cooler temps being forecast because we had a very mild summer in Sydney, Australia this year. We have just gone into Autumn and it is unseasonally cold. The La Nina/ El Nino phenomenon definitely affects weather patterns quite markedly. I have noticed it before. Sometimes it's hard to know what to believe with global warming. I wish some kind of consensus could be attained.