Friday, 18 April 2008

Friday Funny

Hey, it's Friday again! Don't know about you lot, but this particular Friday doesn't look too bad - the Sun is shining, my light tanks are full to the top, thanks to the rapidly lengthening days...but still, it's Friday, so here is the official Funny Friday post:

I've highlighted Overheard Lines before - such an elegant site and always something to make you giggle. Here are my picks for today - hope they make you laugh too:

24-year Old, In response To Her High Score On An IQ Test:

"This will show those people who think I'm more stupider than I really am!"

One Wins Every Single Election That Their Country Holds; The Other's a Democrat
Girl states she doesn't think "just anyone" should be able to vote in presidential elections.
Guy: "What, you're not a Communist, are you?"
Girl: "I don't really know the difference between Communists and Democrats."

High School Student at Lowell High School
"She's a two faced bitch, but not in a bad way."

Do You Have Enough For Everyone?
Girl to Guy: "If you do that, you won't get a treat. And you know what I mean by treat."

Brilliant! Happy Friday everyone!

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