Friday, 4 April 2008

Another Funny Friday

I kind of ran out of steam on April Fool's Day, humour-wise, but I have struggled womanfully to dig up something mildly amusing...(it helps if you like Star Trek...or Monty Python...or both)

Oh, all right then, seeing you've all been good little bloggers this week - you can have another one - actually this one is really clever, I think - there's a lot of talent out there, I just wish I didn't have this irresistible urge to dash over to Ebay and buy lots of Lego...

1 comment:

Dorid said...

LOL I've posted the Camelot/ Trek video a few times... I LOVE it!

Hadn't seen the -Trek v -Wars video before though :) Only thing I could think though was that I hoped the characters weren't packaged that way (two eras mixed)