Thursday, 21 February 2008

President Blair - Gordon's Worst Nightmare

I am grateful to Kel over on The Osterley Times for reminding me where I had seen this hilarious moment - the House of Commons (no really!)

For those of you not au fait with British politics, there is a widely-held belief that our Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, waited for years (and years) for Tony Blair to honour a gentleman's agreement between them made when the leadership of the Labour Party was up for grabs after the death of John Smith - the Granita deal, that Blair would effectively share power with him if Brown didn't stand for the leadership, and the image of him for those long ten years that Blair was Prime Minister, was of a large, grumpy bear sulking in 11 Downing Street, impatient for his turn. Eventually his wish was granted, he got to be Prime Minister, and Tony Blair disappeared from our shores, never to return (he hoped.)

Imagine his horror then, if Tony was indeed to return, not only in a position of authority, but possibly in one of greater authority than his. Cue Youtube...

William Hague, a former leader of the Conservative Party, having tremendous fun and demonstrating that there is some wit and intelligence in Parliament.

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