Saturday, 23 February 2008

More Hilarious Overheard Lines

From that fabulous blog Overheard Lines - have a giggle at the wonders of human interaction...

Clearly the novelty of being pregnant is wearing off...
Woman: "Ohhh, what are you having?"
Pregnant Woman: "A baby."
Woman: "Awww, what kind of baby?"
Pregnant Woman: "Human."
Woman: "Okay, well, good luck!"

Undeniable logic...sort of
Girl: "Is that guy the pilot?"
Guy: "He's either the pilot or the co-pilot."
Girl: "God is my co-pilot."
Guy: "Then he must be the pilot."

Overheard in a Social Security Office...
Woman 1: "Nice blue color. Probably supposed to be for a calming effect, huh?"
Woman 2: "And if that doesn't work, we have the security guard."

...and finally...

Girl 1: "Man, these shoes are killing my feet."
Girl 2: "Oooh, they sound cute. Let me see."

Happy weekend everyone!

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