Saturday, 19 January 2008

A limerick or two

Getting back to normal after my festive foray into work. Loads I want to blog about - work/life balance, this damned widowhood business, aspiring to be a writer, thinking about dating...loads of stuff - I'll get down to it next week, honest, but I had to share a couple of poems I came across today.

I love poetry - even try to write it sometimes - and one of my favourite poets is W.H. Auden. He wrote some fabulous, rich, serious poetry but, like Graham Greene, was not elitist about his writing, and wrote lighter verse too. I took one of his volumes with me to the coffee shop today for a nourishing read and nearly fell off my chair with delight at some limericks - yes, limericks! - that he wrote. Here are two of the best:
A friend, who is not an ascetic,
Writes: 'Ireland, my dear, is magnetic.
No snakes. Lots of elves
Who just OFFER themselves -
Rather small but MOST sympathetic.'

And, even better:
Said the Queen to the King: 'I don't frown on
The fact that you choose to go down on
My page on the stairs
But you'll give the boy airs
If you will do the job with your crown on.'

Happy weekend everyone!

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JennyB said...

Thank you for your hugs... it has been a very bad week but feeling better now. The black eye draws some stares and I wear it like a badge because it's good to get some attention at least!

Wish I could find a cool and clever man like Albert Camus!!! Dating site is useless... What next?