Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The Endless A-Z Meme

Thanks to Greg for tagging me with this damned meme - it's like being given the flu but then discovering that now that you've got it you can spend a couple of days with your feet up watching old movies. Having kept myself in isolation however, I have not passed the meme on and so it dies with me, unless anyone fancies infecting themselves after reading it? This analogy is wearing me out so without further ado...

agoraphobia - is it agoraphobia if you've been housebound for twenty years through choice?

being alone - sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not

cars - I love driving but only when no-one else is

death - it's random - get used to it

existence is pointless but it's all we have

families - overrated

grumpiness - harder to resist the older one gets

hell is...fill in your own answer

isolation - I am alone, you are lonely, he is isolated

jumpin' jack flash - I shouldn't love this movie but I do

kindness - underrated

loneliness - see isolation above...

mice - I adore them in the garden, I hate them in my house - one of the illogic loops in my life

noises are louder and more sinister in the dark

optimistic nihilist is the only thing to be

possibilities - you gotta believe in them, otherwise what's the point getting out of bed?

quizzes - anyone else addicted to these daft wastes of time?

rain - I'm Scottish, I have rain in my soul.

snow - snow is the more exotic cousin of rain - better-dressed and trendier

ticks - I used to hate ticks more than anything on the planet but I forgive them for existing now - everyone's got to be something...

up - because the only alternative is down

visions of the future - I'd love to see how far we can take our understanding of the cosmos in the distant future

wasting time - isn't wasting time great? It annoys the normal people so.

x is when these lists always start to go wrong or you have to cheat so in that spirit - xanthometer - a tool for measuring the colour of sea or lake water

youth - where did it go?

zigzagging my way through life - confused but happy...

I have a life!

I haven't blogged for a week or so because I've been busy in my real life. Somewhat to my surprise, I've got a job! It's only part-time and temporary over Christmas but IT'S A JOB! I can hardly believe it. I had come to believe that I was unemployable, after twenty years of various states of not-being-paid-by-someone-else-to-work. So it was a delightful surprise to land a proper job.

After a few days off in order to concentrate on gasping in amazement, I'm back! Here's a cartoon for you all in celebration...

Friday, 2 November 2007

Overheard Lines - a great idea

This is a great blog. The premise is simple: a San Francisco playwright and his friends record miscellaneous overheard exchanges in restaurants, on buses, in the street. There's always something there to make you smile and sometimes gasp. Here's a recent one:
Customer: "I'm looking for an inspirational book similar to 'Chicken Soup for the Soul'."
Salesperson: "Well, those 'Chicken Soup' books are really popular. You sure you don't want to look at those?"
Customer: "No thank you, I'm buying for my friend and she's a vegetarian"

What about this one:
Woman 1: "I'm not a dilletante; I'm serendipitous. ...I should embroider that on a pillow."
Woman 2: "Yeah, but you'd only get about halfway done."
So elegant,so funny. Makes me wish I lived in a city. Living in the country is all very well but the deer are not that witty.

Oh, here's the Overheard Lines address by the way - that would help wouldn't it?! Anyway, enjoy!