Friday, 5 October 2007

The Niceties of Legal Language

What the hell has happened to the United States?

News has percolated across the Atlantic of the New York Times article on the 'non-torture' techniques employed by the Bush administration on suspected terrorists.

By any civilized person's standards, the treatments described in the article count as torture. When questioned, President Bush said that they are detaining, questioning and, presumably, using extraction techniques on people who MAY have information. Frances Townsend, the homeland security advisor said that they start with "the least harsh measures first" and stop the progression "if someone becomes cooperative." Here's the piece on Youtube:

There's also a good post on The Osterley Times blog.

I can see that the administration feels under pressure to prevent terrorist attacks. But what is the point saving a few hundred, a few thousand, a few million lives if in doing so you lose your own moral bearings? How can we claim the high ground in well, anything, frankly when those we allow to govern us commit acts like these in our name?

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Dorid said...

and remember, ANYONE can be held, without benefit of habius corpus, so long as they are declared an "enemy combatant" whether they are citizens or aliens. The thing is, almost ANYONE can be labled an "enemy combatant".

Welcome to the Fascist States of America (and yes, I could be labled an "enemy combatant" just for writing that... it's only a matter of time before it's leveled against those who voice their concern for the direction this nation is traveling in)